Daylight Savings Time: Don’t Skip Those Workouts

Day Light Savings Time.
LOVE you for making it that much easier to wake up this morning.
Hate you for making it dark so early.

And when it’s dark before you get home from work or class, what does that mean?
It means you bundle up and turn on the TV. There is no chance you’re going back out into the darkness. And your late afternoon run on the river or in the park or walk to the gym turns into a glass of vino and take out.

But the fact that it’s dark earlier means that it’s also LIGHT earlier. which means you can workout in the AM! Think how fab you will feel the whole day knowing that pump sesh is behind you.

I know, I know, EW. There is zero chance of that being in the near future for the majority of us.

For you Sleeper-inners: Pack a gym bag and absolutely bring clothes or yoga mat to work/class. I know, lugging an extra bag of clothes and sneakers on the 6 train is a total pain- if you’re going to class, wear your gym clothes! (hm, maybe this is an excuse for a gym wardrobe revamp!?!) But seriously, it is making a commitment that you will make it to your workout. And you will. And THEN, when you get home, you can bundle up, turn on Gossip Girl, pour yourself a cocktail and order in a healthy dinner, knowing that you deserve every bite of it. And then plan to do it again tomorrow.

Another way to stay motivated: Sign up for a class like spinning, kickboxing or yoga. If your name’s on the list, you’re pretty much committed to making it. If that option doesn’t exist, put it in your planner, on your calender on your comp, or make it a date with a friend. Would you skip a meeting? Or a spa appointment? Hell No! So why skip another way of being good to yourself? You wouldn’t.

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