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FRIDAY! Another week flew by, and this one was a great one cuz I’m done with my year of internship. That means you’ll be getting a very happy OneSmartBrownie, and hopefully more updates on the regular.. And the fact that it’s Friday also means that the weekend has arrived and very shortly you will be en route to happy hour, or (hopefully) the beach to work on your “bronze skin and cinnamon tans whoa” (yeah Underdog Project, circa 2003).

But before you indulge in those summer-y cocktails listen up and check out exactly what you’re drinking – cuz perhaps mindlessly drinking sugary cocktails is what’s preventing you from getting to your ideal beach bod!


Mojitos: This minty fave is Cuba’s national cocktail, and is made with simple syrup or straight up sugar. To its defense, it’s also made with club soda (which is calorie free) – but an 8 ounce drink can still come in at ~ 250 calories.

Mai Tai: I was introduced to my first mai tai on a summer lovin’ getaway last summer – As it turned out, I fell harder for the drink than for the guy- because who could say no to rum, creme de almond, triple sec, sweet n sour mix, and pineapple juice- and because he had a GIRLFRIEND! Well, I fell for Mai-Tais until I just discovered they can have over 350 calories. Yowza. Bad romance in every way possible.

Cosmo: Made with cranberry juice and triple sec, the Sex and The City beverage of choice will set you back >260 calories…. somehow I doubt Carrie Bradshaw and the gang were really downing those!

Frozen daiquiri: In NOLA you can drink ‘em year round from the Daiquiri Drive-through… and given that New Orleans is consistently ranked one of the least healthy cities in America, it’s probably no surprise that these blended drinks are calorie bombs. A small 8 oz drink is >400 calories, while a standard 20 oz-er is over 1000 calories! And no, just because it’s blended with “strawberry” flavoring, it doesn’t count as a fruit serving.

Piña Colada: If you like piña coladas… and getting caught in the rain… you had better like cardio, too. Made with pineapple juice, rum, and cream of coconut, this drink can put you back a ridiculous 650 calories!

Margarita: A year round fave, but there is something about a margarita that means it’s the weekend. But when these babies are made with sugary mixtures, sweet & sour mix, and triple sec, they can come in at ~600 calories a pop! And you KNOW that chances are slim you’re having just one.

Long Island Ice Tea: This drinks combines everything under the sun, including vodka, rum, tequila, gin. Then add sugary triple sec, sweet & sour mix, and soda… and you’ve got yourself a >600 calorie cocktail! We can agree that is NOT the drink of the Hamptons.

And the winner of absolute highest calorie summer beverage?

MUDSLIDE!  The blended dessert-y drink is made with Kahlua, Bailey’s, Vodka and ice cream… so it’s basically an alcoholic milkshake. And it has the calories of a mega slice of cheesecake at ~800 calories per 12oz glass.

So: lighten up those cocktails. Hopefully you’re already familiar with some of these, but a little repetition is good for ya.

- Go with club soda or diet soda instead of regular. Same goes for juice and sugary mixers; less is more. For extra flavor, consider a flavored liquor.

- Skip blended drinks – they are ALWAYS higher in calories than their on the rocks counterparts.

- On the non-blended note, Margaritas- Peace out pre-made mixes and get a fresh marg, on the rocks.

- Mojito fan? Ask your bartender to neg OR go light on the sugar.

- Beware of desserts in disguise, like the mudslide (and similar ones like espresso or key lime pie martinis) – especially if they use whipped cream, chocolate syrup or graham cracker crust rims. If you can’t live without the sweetness, try a Baileys on the rocks (although that’s a little more Apres-ski than post-riding waves).

-Is that it here? WINE AND BEER! To hand crafted beers made in local breweries.. to yoga, to yogurt to rice and beans and cheese! Yes, you heard that right, let’s interrupt this very important summer beverages post for some RENT- La Vie Boheme (2:59)

A little Rent on a Friday just makes everything better. So where were we?

Vino and light beers are lower in calories and sugar than mixed drinks.  A glass of wine is 125-150 calories, and beer can range from 64-200 calories per 12 oz. So grab a Corona and add a lime, close your eyes and really really focus on palm trees and an ocean breeze… and maybe you’ll feel like you’re in Mehico for 1/8th of the damage to your beach booty of a Mudslide.  And there you have it dolls.

Whatever and wherever you’re drinking, enjoy it!

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