Pop The Champagne: Healthy Eating at Weddings Q&A

Q: I have another wedding, shower, or bachelorette every other weekend right now with no end in sight. And while I’m thrilled for YOU that you’re going to live happily ever after, all these cocktail parties and steak dinners are not going to help my waist line and/or chances at landing a man. Any advice for managing at weddings?

A: I too am thrilled for your friends at their finding happily ever after (vom).

Even hors d’oeuvres at fancy-shmancy weddings are not typically the healthiest options for anyone watching their weight. You tend to have many more than you realize, especially after a cocktail–or three. I mean who can resist gourmet pigs in a blanket or tuna tartare! Especially when it’s an excuse to talk to the hottie waiter (even if he is 17, whatever, you cougar you).

So what’s one to do?

Don’t arrive hungry!
Snack before the cocktail party– pack your own little bag of trail mix or a piece of fruit and string cheese. The cocktail party should be about the cocktails and the chatting, no? So catch up with old friends, gossip about the bridesmaids dresses, or who’s dating who and enjoy a well-made drink or champagne. THAT’S your excuse to talk to the hottie waiter!

Wedding time: One app option is always a green salad- they are usually pre-made so it may not be an option, but if you can ask for the dressing on the side, do it. If not, don’t stress it.

Main course: There are typically two options: fish or meat- go for the fish. It’s usually not in as heavy of a sauce and comes with veggies on the side instead of buttery mashed potatoes.

Dessert: If they have fruit, awesome. Otherwise, eh, skip it- the cakes never taste as good as they look. You know it’s true.

The best advice I can give you:

Tear up that dance floor!
Dancing burns a bagillion calories, and you wont have to deal with the bride’s creeptastic cousin who was seated next to you. And be glad you don’t have to deal with the awkward intro between your new bf and the college sweetheart. Really though, thank god you’re single.

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